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National Grain“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” Phytagoras

What do you get when you mix music with Math education?

You get The National Grain.

We’ve created a brand new way of learning music that is created through utilizing basic math principles.

We have also expanded into helping students in starting their own businesses as well.

How Did It All Happen:

Nora is a young Ukranian music professor and who loved music. In her twenties, she began teaching but realized that the complexity of math principles such as the 45 45 90 triangle, advanced calculus and more were just not being grasped by most of her students.

One day she was sitting doing after school work and started to get tired. She turned up the radio in her office and suddenly felt energized. So much so that she ended up finishing an entire 3 hour job (Student papers) in just 45 minutes.

She couldn’t figure out what had happened but eventually got around to it.

Listening to certain types of music can help accelerate learning. It made sense as a lot of students put on their headphones when doing mundane tasks.

So a new innovation in the education world was born. All thanks to music. One day, we hope to be featured here as well.

What We Do

Today along with Nora, we are a group of music and math teachers who have had years of experience teaching in a wide range of school. We have brought together tried and trusted resources written over the years for all ranges and abilities of students.

We have then combined them in such a way that no matter what math topic you have, we can assign the right kind of music to it to increase your learning.

Scientific American published a great article on the Math and Science connection as well.

How do we make money?

We simply sell to students and are now getting some colleges and universities on board as well.

How are our prices such good value?

Our overheads are low. We publish our Music CDs and Math courses, you download and we all get to keep doing what we love.

Find out what is available from Flexible Arrangements and Other Resources.

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Finally, if you like this site, please recommend it to your colleagues. The resources here are of excellent value.

To learn more, just contact us and we’ll help you understand how our system works.