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We love hearing from you. Tell how our math and music courses have helped you out.

I have taken many, many music courses, including courses designed to teach music production, and none have been as honest and as practical about the realities of operating a business as this one.

The greatest advantage of this course is that it is crammed with simple, but very practical and workable solutions to what we often see as insurmountable problems. Especially the math exercises.

Mostly I just want to tell everyone who is in business – or who plans to start a business – to go out and buy this product. Because that’s what it really is, a very workable and a very practical tool for any business. It’s definitely in a league of its own.


I think that this course will help me in being able to maybe streamline and standardize procedures – bookkeeping, accounting and other math related skills and such like that–in my shop. After three years, I think it’s necessary to do so to get my hours spent at the shop in the business to a manageable level. Love the component of music to all this.

Ricky Cale
Machine Shop Owner

Well I tell you, you opened my eyes. I’m getting ready to open a business and this really has been very educative for me, from the beginning to the end. You can apply in different ways so I think that everybody can get, you know, a really good deal out of it. And for any language – Spanish or English, whatever – this is the basics. I think it is wonderful.

Betania Shaw

Your 45 45 90 triangle course with the music selection is awesome. It literally changed my perception on things. A lot of courses I’ve seen, they’re out of textbooks and they apply to Xerox – they apply to big companies. But this is really geared to the students. Really helpful for business students too. The kind of business that a person is going to go out and start basically on their own.

The biggest advantage really is that this is the Business School of Hard Knocks. She learned this through hard knocks. She went out and started businesses, ran businesses – the kind of scale that we’re all looking at–and found out what to do and what not to do. That to me is really the biggest advantage.

Marty Louis Jobbs

While other courses teach you theory, this course teaches you the real world – what will happen and does happen, and what you can do to take care of it.

Vickie Perkins

“Most music students fail because they face challenges they never imagined,” says Joyce Arbic, author of Living and Working Successfully in Business. “Entrepreneurs lose their life savings in search of dreams, not based in reality.” Making money doesn’t always mean … making a profit! Cutting through bureaucratic red-tape can devour your day.

From taxes to insurance, maintenance, employee hiring and firing, product promotion and marketing … if you don’t know how to react fast, you’ll be out of business. Living and Working Successfully in Business offers heavy-duty help.

This course is designed specifically to be an easy-to-follow, comprehensive video course to help anybody get the inside view of what business ownership is all about, and to teach them the skill and give them the tools they will need to make their dream of owning a small business a success.

As a small businesswoman herself, Joyce has spent more than 20 years getting it right for herself. “I want to keep other people from making the mistakes I made,” says Arbic.

“A small business can control your life, demanding nearly all of your time, adding a great deal of stress to your life. My music and math courses teaches you how to stay in control and still have time for yourself, your family and your friends.” While other courses teach you theory, “Living and Working Successfully in Business” teaches success!